Nikki Glaspie fuels Crystal Bay to The Nth Power

Larry Sabo / Tahoe Onstage

Nikki Glaspie fuels the Nth Power at the Crystal Bay Casino on Sept. 15.

Like so many great bands, the Nth Power was born from a late-night, early morning jam at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in 2012. Led by former Dumpstaphunk drummer Nikki Glaspie, the Nth Power delivered its love and funk to a Red Room full of dancing souls in the Crystal Bay Casino on Sept. 15. Glaspie’s supergroup includes Nick Cassarino on guitar and Nate Edgar on bass.

Photographer’s notebook: Forget about it being a free show, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time! And Nikki Glaspie the drummer? Forget about her being the best female drummers I’ve ever seen, she’s one of the best drummers out there regardless of gender. The show well exceeded my expectations and I’ve seen this group twice before. The previous times were in a festival venue so seeing them up close and personal in the Crystal Bay Club’s Red Room was a wonderful treat at any price. Oh, that’s right, it was free, did I mention that?  It’s unbelievable that you can see a group of this caliber without an admission fee. We are so lucky around here, so let’s get out there and support these venues and the quality of performances that are provided to us. –-Larry Sabo

Tahoe Onstage

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