Reno concert review: Sebastian Bach proves he’s still got it

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach rocks the Cargo@Whitney Peak Hotel on April 24.
Photos provided by John Tuckness

Sebastian Bach, the original voice of Skid Row, was both entertaining and personable as he and his band tore through a nearly two hour set April 24 at Reno’s Cargo.

Sebastian Bach After years of silly TV show appearances and childlike meltdowns, it was clear that Bach is back to focusing on what really matters: the music. Backed by longtime drummer Bobby Jarzombek and relative newcomers guitarist Devin Bronson and bassist Kevin Chown, Bach played many Skid Row hits as well as a handful of songs off of his new album, “Give ‘Em Hell.”

Bach is notorious for cycling through band members but his current lineup certainly has staying power. Jarzombek drove the band while Bronson and Chown added a certain modern edge that lent itself more to Bach’s newer material than the Skid Row songs. That modernity, however, gave the set a sense of cohesion and tightness that propelled the band and audience throughout. The use of delay and panning on Bach’s vocals during the set also added a new flavor to old songs and created a swirling effect, under which the band drove the songs to new heights. Specifically on “Temptation” and “Big Guns” was this vocal effect most enticing.

Though a bit repetitive, the songs were relentlessly fun and absolutely transported the older leather-clad crowd back to the “good ole days.” Fists pumped and enthusiastic shouts of “You rock!” and “Fuck yeah!” painted the concert hall as Sebastian Bach swung his microphone and head banged as if it were still 1988.

“If you guys know anything about me” Bach yelled at the crowd, “you know I can be a moody motherfucker and I’ve gotta say, rocking out with you guys here in Reno has got me in a great fucking mood!” This sentiment was shared by all.

Local favorite, the Greg Golden Band started off the evening with a set of originals and classic rock standards. Greg Golden has owned Bizarre Guitar and Guns in Sparks for more than 30 years and his impressive collection and selection of both have afforded him the opportunity to meet many accomplished musicians like Frank Hannon, who produced the band’s new self-titled album.

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Greg Golden Band

The Greg Golden Band opened the show.

Greg Golden Band

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