Hall of Fame: South Shore saxophone player Seth Hall gets call to join Live at Lakeview’s opening show

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South Shore sax player Seth Hall onstage at Live at Lakeview with headliner Robert Victor.
Tahoe Onstage images by Tim Parsons

Seth Hall answered the call.

The headlining band for the opening of the Thursday night Live at Lakeview series, Raymond Victor Band, was in need a player and Hall, a skilled South Lake Tahoe saxophonist was ready to step to the stage. Most of the concertgoers at the Lakeview Commons had no idea Hall had never played with the Bay Area band until the June 25 show as he seamlessly added to the ensemble, which played blues and R&B songs, many of them Victor originals.

“He is the best keyboardist I have ever played with,” Hall said between sets. Hall said was careful not to jump in with solos at the wrong time, nevertheless, he still played plenty of them, and he clearly enjoyed his unexpected moments in the spotlight, tipping his hat and waving to friends in the audience.

Now in its fourth season, Live at Lakeview is free throughout the summer on Thursdays from 4:30-8 p.m.

Tahoe Onstage

Robert Victor instructs Seth Hall between songs.
Tim Parsons/ Tahoe Onstage

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

Concertgoers head to Lakeview Commons for the first show of the summer.

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

The lake’s low level provides more beach area and adds a different kind of funk to the show.

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

The Davis band the Johnny Gold Trio opened the season with jazz standards by Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington and Wes Montgomery. From left, Karl Rasmussen, Patrick “Sassy Pat” Langham and Johnny Gold.

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

Raymond Victor schleps his keys across the sand.
Photo by Leslie Schultz / On Course Events

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

Internationally renowned photojournalist Rick Gunn is back on his home turf.

Robert Victor Band at Lakeview

Bass player Diane Dutra gets down with Raymond Victor Band

Robert Victor Band at LakeviewRobert Victor Band at LakeviewRobert Victor Band at LakeviewRobert Victor Band at LakeviewRobert Victor Band at Lakeview RV 2


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