The Floyd leaves Carson City fans comfortably numb

Tahoe Onstage

The Floyd shines on in Carson City’s Bob Boldrick Theatre.
Tahoe Onstage photos by Nick McCabe

“So ya, thought ya, might like to go to the show.”

What can I say that I haven’t already said about The Floyd? I’ve been covering their shows since 2014, and have never been disappointed. The combination of Vincent Gates (guitars, bass guitar, lead vocals), Dean Rossi (drums), Curt Mitchell (guitars, slide guitar, vocals), Lisa McCuiston (bass guitar, guitars, tambourine, vocals), Rob Lawrence (keyboards, vocals) and Jeff Laakso (keyboards, saxophones, guitars, vocals) is hard to beat when it comes to recreating the iconic compositions of Pink Floyd.

These are songs that are so recognizable that you can’t fudge on a drum fill or guitar lick (maybe a little bit) without being called out for it. To pull it off, you have to learn the material inside out — and that’s what they have done. The personal touch can’t help but emerge during solos, and Curt gets personal with his blistering guitar solos.  They are breathtaking. As are Lisa’s vocals, and Dean’s rhythms, and Jeff’s … and Vince’ s… and Rob’s … You get the message. Everybody is over and above.

There is no shortage of production or theatrics in a show by The Floyd, either. From Jeff Laakso starting the night off in character as “Pink” (from The Wall) complete with a Pink Floyd military cap and aviator glasses on,  to perfectly synched authentic Floyd video clips on the round screen and sound effects, this is as close to a Pink Floyd experience as you will ever get. Included in all this is thousands of dollars in professional lighting and lasers that are choreographed to the music.

I took my 31-year-old son with me to this one on Saturday night at the Bob Boldrick Theatre in Carson City. He has been aware of The Floyd through me for the past several years, but had never attended a show. He was absolutely blown away. He had no idea of the size and scope of the shows, how professionally they are put together, or how awesome the musicians are. Now, he will be telling his friends about them, and the crowd will get bigger. That’s how it works.

Part of my mission on sharing these stories and photos with you all is to get more people out to enjoy live music in our community. It’s amazing how much homegrown talent there is in our community. Additionally, The Floyd and Lisa McCuiston have both taken home Forte Awards for their talent. Plus, we have vast opportunities to see national touring acts without having to drive three hours. We are blessed.

  — Nick McCabe

  • The Floyd
    Bob Boldrick Theatre
    Carson City, Nevada
    Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018
    In The Flesh
    Dogs 1
    Brick in the Wall 1
    Happiest Days of Our Lives
    Brick in the Wall 2
    Brick in the Wall 3
    Goodbye Cruel World
    Time / Breathe Reprise
    Great Gig in The Sky
    Have a Cigar
    Wish You Were Here
    Us and Them
    Any Colour You Like
    Brain Damage
    Empty Spaces
    Young Lust
    Run Like Hell
    Comfortably Numb
    Dogs 2
    Nick McCabe / Tahoe Onstage

About Nick McCabe

Nick McCabe is a musician, photographer and writer from Reno. He is the editor of the music website Front Row Photo. He plays in a seven-piece band, Apothic.


  1. It was a great show! Good reporting Nick. You’ve broadened the scope of admirers, for sure. Cuzin’ Cindy and I are fans. And to top it off, we met so many fun people during and after. It was all a treat! Thanks for keeping us all informed.

    • It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it! You could probably get the award for traveling the farthest for the show…if they was an award. Good to see you and your cousin.

  2. As Dean said, “great ink.” I brought them to Auburn’s State Theatre spring of 2015 after seeing them in Nevada City. We’ll be booking them in again for spring 2019 and, hopefully for a 2 nighter.
    When you think they can’t get any better, they blow you away!

  3. Such a phenomenal show!! The energy, the vocals, the guitar, the sax, I cant wait for them to come back! Lisa doing Great Gig in the Sky was unbelievable ♡

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