Straight from Horsemouth, rock-reggae will flow at Alibi


Horsemouth will be the rockers on Thursday at the Alibi Ale Works.

Straight from the Horsemouth, rock, reggae, dub and ska will flow freely Thursday night at Alibi Ale Works in Truckee. Did we say freely? There’s no cover for the high-energy show that kicks down positive vibes starting at 8 p.m.

Based on Lake Tahoe’s north shore, Horsemouth is Josh Roelle (guitar, vocals), Steve Goates (bass), Eric Roussel (drums), Brian Buckton (saxophone, vocals), and Chanse Hunwardsen (turntables, vocals). The group’s name is a dual reference, inspired both by a folk saying and a 1978 Jamaican film that featured a number of reggae musicians.

“When you hear the truth, they say, ‘it comes from the horse’s mouth,’ and so ‘Horsemouth,’ ” Roelle said. “Similarly, from the protagonist of a movie made in the 1970s called “Rockers,” Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace.”

The band first formed in 1999, laying a likely claim to the longest-tenured band still active in the Tahoe basin, guitarist Josh Roelle said.

“My brother moved here around October of ’99, and brought a drum set. I already had my guitar and an amp, and we just started jamming with my brother-in-law,” Roelle said. “It was a trio of brothers in an extra bedroom just making noise, trying to copy Peter Tosh and Sublime.”

The band’s sound is in line with the latter band, a blend of island sound and aggressive edge, driven by electric guitar and drums, with a decidedly party-friendly approach.

“We play rock-reggae,” Roelle said. “None of us are good enough musicians to play traditional reggae, so we just bastardize it and made it our own thing. It’s rock and roll that sounds like reggae; it has skankin’ guitar and a backbeat.”

Horsemouth maintains a laid-back air, with its lyrics and attitude deriving directly from the mountain-town-casual environment.

“We write songs about party lifestyle in the mountains and just having fun,” Roelle said with a laugh. “Just being slightly off-color, you know — slightly off-color, fun, loud, bar music. We sing about drink and smoke and hanging out with girls.”

The rock-reggae group plays primarily in North Tahoe, at venues such as Jason’s Beachside Grille, Crystal Bay Casino’s Red Room, and the Auld Dubliner. Horsemouth has one international appearance to its name; the band played a 2011 windsurfing party in Los Barilles, Mexico, on a chance invite from a friend.

– Josh Sweigert


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