Photos from memorial benefit show for Mikey Sheehan

Mike Sheehan

The South Lake Tahoe music community gathered Dec. 12, to remember a dear friend.

Longtime South Shore resident Mikey Sheehan died on Saturday, Nov. 21, 2015, from injuries sustained during an automobile accident. A fixture on the local music scene, Sheehan could be found at just about any music event around the lake, always smiling and having a good time. He was a familiar face at Freshie’s, where he worked for 12 years, and at Divided Sky in Meyers, among other local spots.

“Of all the people I’ve known around here, he’s one of those who was just a super avid music fan and went to every show he could go to,” promoter and musician Ryan Kronenberg said. “He was a big supporter of what a lot of his friends were doing, and super cool.”

To celebrate Sheehan’s life, Kronenberg and others organized “Mikeypalooza,” at Stateline’s Lakeview Loft. The event featured four bands: Four Piece Puzzle, El Camino, Black Star Safari and Idea Team. The evening had a New Orleans funk flavor, the musical genre that Sheehan enjoyed most, Kronenberg said. Donations will be used to cover a number of costs.

“We initially set out to start up a benefit to help with his bills and all that stuff, and then he passed,” Kronenberg said. “So we decided to do the celebration. Some of it’s going to cover immediate expenses for media and other costs, and then some is going to go toward a special plaque. We’re looking at possibly donating some to a charity in town.”

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4 Piece Puzzle

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El Camino

El Camino 4 El Camino 5 El Camino 6 El Camino 1 El Camino 2 El Camino 3

Black Star Safari

Black Star Safari 10 Black Star Safari 1 Black Star Safari 2 Black Star Safari 3 Black Star Safari 4 Black Star Safari 5 Black Star Safari 6 Black Star Safari 7 Black Star Safari 8 Black Star Safari 9


Ideateam Ideateam 1 Ideateam 2 Ideateam 3 Ideateam 4 Ideateam 5 Ideateam 7 Ideateam 10 Ideateam 11 Ideateam 13 Ideateam 14 Ideateam 15 Ideateam 17 Ideateam 18 Ideateam 19 Ideateam 20 Ideateam 21 Ideateam 22 Ideateam 24 Ideateam 25

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